We will be operating an appointment system this Summer for visits to our stores where you will be able to get a more personalised service.

We strongly suggest early booking as spaces are limited and the store can be very busy especially in the last few weeks of the Summer.

You may have to queue if you do not have an appointment.

Please also be aware that our Cut Off date is August 12th after which Uniform may not be available before children go back to school.

Please click here to book your appointment.

Handy Tips

  • Measure your child beforehand, using the measuring chart below

  • Each child is individual and can differ from the guides below

  • Consider how you would like the item to fit; a little bigger to last the year?

  • Consider if your child is a little bigger, taller or smaller than average.

  • Remember to bring a list of all the school's uniform requirements with you

  • Choose machine washable, minimum-iron clothes and good quality fabrics, so that clothes last longer and are easy to launder

  • Allow for growth - when buying shirts and blouses, make sure you can fit two fingers inside the fastened collar

  • Buy 3 - 5 polos, blouses or shirts, depending on how often you do the washing during the week (One on, One in the Wash, One Spare !)

  • Order name labels well in advance, so you'll have time to sew or iron them on before the beginning of term

  • Please don't leave things until the last minute

  • Good quality school clothes will give you years of wear, so buy for value, don't economise on quality

  • Ask for advice. Our expert staff will be happy to talk to you about a child's individual needs

Size Guide

This is a Rough Size Guide to help measure children.

Supermarket sizes tend to come up small when buying by age, but PMG's garments tend to more accurately reflect the correct age.

Garment sizes in Inches are a "TO FIT" size, therefore if your child measures a 26" chest, we would advise you to order a 26" chest as garments are made to fit that chest size.

Only order a larger size if you are allowing room for growth.

There is one exception to this rule and that is KNITWEAR - please order one size larger than chest measurement.

We strongly advise that you measure your child and check the Age/Inch comparison Size Guide below.

There is a more accurate Guide against most individual products.

Age Polos/Sweatshirts etc
Chest Size
Collar Size
Chest Size
Waist Size
3/4 24" 11" or 11.5" 22" or 24" 20" or 22"
5/6 26" 12" 24" 22" or 24"
7/8 28" 12" or 12.5" 26" 24" or 26"
9/10 30" 12.5" 28" 26" or 28"
11/12 32" 13 or 13.5" 30" 28" or 30"
13 34" 14" 32" 30" or 32"
14 34" or 36" or Adult S 14.5" 34" 32" or 34"
15 36" or 38" or Adult M 15;" 36" 34" or 36"
16 38" or 40" or Adult L 15.5" 38" 38"

Sizes are in Inches.

These sizes are approximate and may vary between styles/manufacturers

Each child is individual and can differ from the guides above.

Also consider how you would like the item to fit; a little bigger to last the year?

And consider if your child is a little bigger taller or smaller than average.

Measuring Tips

Size guide

Collar: Measure around base of neck, inserting two fingers between neck and tape to allow growth.

Chest: Position tape close to underarms, measure chest at fullest point.

Dress and tunic length: Measure from nape of neck to length required.

Waist: Measure around the natural waistline.

Skirt length: Measure from middle of waist to length required.

Inside leg: Measure with shoes on, to approximately 5cm above the ground.